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love to travel? Would you love to travel more?

Even better.... Would you love to travel with all types of insider info & V.I.P. travel benefits? Come on, how sweet would it be to travel all over the world, to learn about & experience all the different cultures, all the different lifestyles and actually call it "work"  ??  Guess what...As a travel agent you can do exactly that!! In fact, agents are encouraged to travel, and travel often.  Knowledge from personal experience trumps knowledge from a book every time.  Instead of blackboards and teachers, our classrooms have white sand, blue water and sometimes a little umbrella drink!  An agent who travels is able to provide better service to their clients, without a doubt. So pack your bags, your office for the week could be on a beach in Fiji or in a café in Paris! Mondays aren't so bad with offices like that!

Travel Better ✦ Pay Less ✦ Earn More


Wait!! There is more...

InteleTravel partnered with PlanNet Marketing by offering InteleTravel’s Independent (home-based) Travel Agency business, (ITA).  As a PlanNet Representative you are able to let others in on a true life changing opportunity to enter the travel industry.  An opportunity to have complete financial independence with the best, easiest and most reputable home based business anywhere!  So many are unaware that this lifestyle is even an option, a real option!  Informing others, actually pulling back the curtains on the incredible and endless possibilities of an ITA is very fulfilling!! I seriously get all the feels just from sharing this opportunity!  Notice I didn't say "selling" or "harassing" :)  Just sharing, shedding light on a different way..that's it!  Obvi this lifestyle is not for everyone and that's OK !  But many others are hoping and praying for this lifestyle, many are actually searching for a flexible source of income & reward, I know I was.  Thankfully InteleTravel and PlanNet Marketing were shared with me! And now, I'm sharing with you!!!

NO Inventory ✦ NO Invoicing ✦ NO Baggage


I have a few questions for you...

  • Are you sick & tired of of trading your precious time for dollars?
  • Do you want your freedom back?
  • Are you ready to start living your life instead of just existing in it?
  • Do you want your own full-time business with the ability to work from anywhere in the world? 
  • Are you ready to start building a legacy so your family is well taken care of when your time "expires?"
  • Do you want to travel more and see all the crazy beautiful places in this world?
  • Are you ready to start making memories to last a lifetime?

If "YES" was the reoccurring answer to the questions above, JOIN ME!!


Just incase you need a little more...

Our InteleTrust Guarantee ensures you’ll be profitable or your money back!! #NotJoking

100% Money Back Guarantee


 If you are dissatisfied for any reason in your first 30 days after enrollment, simply cancel in writing for a full 100% refund!

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Risk-Free PROFIT Guarantee


If you do not earn and/or save more in your first year as an Independent Travel Agent than it costs you in fees paid to InteleTravel.com, we will refund you the difference!


"I stared with PlanNet Marketing in February of 2017. I had zero previous experience in doing this type of thing and had no idea if I’d be able to make it work for me. I was blessed with top notch leaders and support, and within two weeks I was able to help my first person join the business, and I was a Gold Builder two months after enrolling. This business has been life changing for me and I will forever be thankful that I found it and that I am able to help others find their freedom as well."

Kenzie K., Weston, ID -- One Star Director


"In December 2015 I flew from California to Atlanta to see what the noise was all about with this new marketing company. At the launch, the compensation plan was presented so CLEARLY by both the founder and corporate analyst, that I had to take advantage to free my family. I became Director March 2016. PlanNet Marketing has been a safe haven for us in our time of need while transitioning from California to South Carolina. People should pay close attention to what is in front of them. Working this business part time can definitely give you full time income."

Velecia M., Columbia, SC -- Two Star Director


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